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Soito (Guarda)

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Quiropratico (quiroprata) Dr Duarte Portas


Hi. My name is Duarte Portas and I have been a chiropractor since 2015, graduated from the university MCC Madrid College of Chiropractic.

Before graduating in chiropractic, I graduated in Management from Lisbon School of Economics & Management (ISEG), during which time I used to accompany my mother to spinal treatments due to a chronic problem. It was then that I had my first contact with chiropractic, and when I realized the potential and benefits of chiropractic on the human body, my passion was born. I then decided to redirect my career and headed to Spain, where I spent 5 years to get my chiropractic degree.

I specialized in D.N.F.T.® – Directional Non-Force Technique, which I use as my main tool, while also using other techniques adapted to each patient. 

I am also part of the board of directors of the Portuguese Chiropractors Association n and I am very passionate about what I do - everyday I feel privileged to have the opportunity to help improve the lives of my patients.  

I currently practice, through Duarte Portas Chiropractic Clinic, in the areas of Lisbon and Beira Alta (Soito).

You can read my full introduction here.


Jennifer Diniz
Jennifer Diniz
Sou formada em quiropraxia pela Universidade Anhembi Morumbi (Brasil) e já fui ajustada por alguns quiropráticos, nem todos conseguiam me ajustar e proporcionar uma sensação de bem-estar, mas o Dr. Duarte é um dos poucos que aliviou todo meu desconforto. Saí da clínica super leve. Excelente profissional.
Carolina Domingues
Carolina Domingues
O Dr. Duarte tem um cuidado e profissionalismo exemplar. Eu desconhecia os beneficios da quiropractica, mas bastou uma sessão para perceber que é essencial para o meu bem estar.
Joana Carlos Ramos
Joana Carlos Ramos
Excelente atendimento, e com resultados logo na primeira consulta. Super recomendo!! Obrigada
Ana Margarida Mendes
Ana Margarida Mendes
Tanto para adultos como para crianças e bebés, não poderia recomendar mais! Serviço simpático, super prestável e eficaz.
Albie F
Albie F
I hurt my back badly, just ahead of a 24 hour flight to Perth Australia , Duarte was amazing with his treatment (more effective than anyone I have experienced), he was very accomodating at short notice and very friendly. I couldn’t recommend him, highly enough – just landed after being 24 hours in economy class with no issues / symptoms
Teresa Viana
Teresa Viana
Tenho uma escoliose idiopática bastante acentuada que se foi agravando com a idade, em duas sessões com o Dr. Duarte Portas, sinto a minha postura muito mais correcta, dentro dos meus limites claro, mas sem dúvida estou a melhorar, porque mesmo os meus colegas de trabalho notam que ando mais direitinha, estou super feliz porque finalmente encontrei um grande profissional que trata da minha coluna como ela merece.
Carina Lourenço
Carina Lourenço

Frequently asked questions

Chiropractic adjustments are manual, very specific, and controlled impulses with the main goal of correcting subluxations - interferences that exist to the optimal functioning of our nervous system - and thereby restoring and promoting the body's ability to respond, regulate, and recover.

The adjustments are most often performed in the spine, but it is also possible to adjust other parts of the body.

Most people associate a chiropractic adjustment with a "popping" sound. However, adjustments can be performed using different chiropractic techniques, some of which are gentler and do not make that sound, such as the DNFT techniqueThe chiropractor chooses and adapts the adjustment technique according to the characteristics of each patient.e acordo com cada paciente.

The training of a Chiropractor is a 5 year university degree, which must be attended in person in a college that is recognized for this purpose.

This training includes areas such as anatomy, radiology, neurology, chiropractic techniques, among others. Along with the practical component, it includes a strong theoretical component, prior to any adjustment, that gives the chiropractor a solid scientific base, allowing us to safely diagnose and treat patients.

In Portugal there is no chiropractic university. The chiropractors that practice in Portugal have studied abroad.

The best way to ensure that your chiropractor is properly certified is by checking their professional registration, or more easily, through the list available from APQ – Associação Portuguesa dos Quiropráticos.

The adjustment of anyone's spine is a procedure that should only be done by someone with all the qualifications to do so, so we advise you to pay attention to the choice of the professional that accompanies you, in order to guarantee that the care of your spine is done in a totally safe way and with the best results.

Each session is about 30 minutes long, and the first appointment is usually longer than the others.

At your first appointment we will go over your medical history, symptoms and physical condition in order to understand what treatment is best for you. If you have had previous exams, for example X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI scans, don't forget to bring them with you or send them to us so that we can include them in the analysis. After the analysis, we will make the first adjustment. When necessary, other tests may also be requested to complete the diagnosis.